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How Important Is Blood Sugar Control?

We have always known that tighter blood sugar control helps reduce the chances of developing severe complications of diabetes.  When diabetes is under poor control, this accelerates the development of both small and large blood vessel disease resulting in higher chances of having heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness, peripheral vascular disease/need for amputations and dementia.  Controlling diabetes is of the utmost importance.

A study of over 7000 hospitalized patients was released this week showing that diabetes control played a very large role in determining how sick people became from contracting Covid-19.  The diabetic patients with relatively good control had a much less chance of developing the need for ventilator usage and death.

Most Type 2 diabetics have poor weight control either causing the diabetes in the first place or hindering good control.  Losing/controlling weight has an incredibly powerful impact on glucose control.  At the SP Program, when we start a new patient that is already taking diabetic medications, we cut those med dosages in half on Day One of the program. If we do not, hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes occur.  Within a few weeks, we often have patients off of their diabetic meds entirely.

The answer to the question posed in the title of this entry:  How Important is Blood Sugar Control?  The answer is “VERY, VERY IMPORTANT”.   Sometimes the shock factor becomes compelling so consider placing a picture of a ventilator on the pantry so if tempted to make that approach for a “sweet, treat or goodie”, you will see a very compelling reason why to close the door on this and see these foods as “evil and derailing”.

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