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How Important Is Keeping a Food Journal?

Studies have shown that people that journal their food intake have a 60% increased efficiency of losing weight.  There is no doubt that writing every item that enters our mouths is a royal pain in the ass.  However, there are much easier ways to journal your eating/drinking.  There are free apps available that allow for entering the foods we eat.  As you know in the SP Program, we track portions of the various food groups and we provide tracking sheets to place a very quick check mark in the food categories you are eating.  As an example, if in the morning you consumed 2 eggs and 1 ounce of bacon, as opposed to writing down the exact foods, 3 quick check marks are placed in the protein category.

As the day progresses, especially when we are busy, it is difficult to know just how many proteins/carbs/fruits/vegetable/water has been consumed without journaling.  Often people overestimate how much protein they are eating and underestimate how many carbs are being consumed.

Due to the pandemic lockdown, we all have more time on our hands and getting in the habit of food journaling now may carry over to the post-lockdown phase when we get out more and approach more and more the “old norm”.  

Let’s all try to include food journaling in our “new norm”.  By doing so, there will be a much better chance of long-term weight control success.  This translates into less chance of developing serious illness not just from future waves of the Corona virus but the other, very important health issues associated with poor weight control.

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