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How Important Is Motivation?

When you take a step back and think about it, pretty much everything we do is based on some sort of motivation(s).  Here are some examples:

  • We go to work:  The Motivation(s)- Earn money to support our households and feel a personal sense of professional achievement/satisfaction.
  • We buy a nice house that costs lots of money:  The Motivation- Be able to hang out with the family at a comfortable, safe and enjoyable environment.
  • We drive to see our children and grandchildren:  The Motivation- Being around our loved ones makes us feel good.

Let’s get a bit “medical” here:

  • We go to see a doctor when we are sick:  The Motivation- Get some treatment that will lessen the chances of getting much more ill as well as feel better.
  • We go to the doctor for a physical exam: The Motivation-Discover if there are any early stage medical problems that may lead to much more serious illness in the future and then nip these in the bud.
  • Despite the concerns we all have, we go in for a Covid vaccine:  The Motivation-Lessen the chances of getting Covid illness.

Now, let’s head to some weight-derailing behavioral patterns:

  • We drink alcohol at night:  The Motivation-Feel more relaxed, less stressed out and sleep better.
  • We snack on chocolate, ice cream and other high carb/high sugar foods: The Motivation-Have an immediate “feel good” and possibly stress-reduce 

Finally, to why we want to lose weight:

  • Become healthier and get off of medications for weight related co-morbidities
  • Look younger
  • Have more energy
  • Fit into our beautiful clothes
  • Lessen our risk for severe Covid illness
  • Have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem

Here is the point of this entry:  If we lose motivational “sight” as to why we want/need to lose weight, we will most likely fail in our attempts.  Motivational forces are very powerful and must be kept at the forefront of our conscious minds or else we will lose focus.  Least you doubt this, I could provide multiple examples of people that entered our program because there was an upcoming wedding or other major event and the people wanted to look great in their event outfits.  Every one of these people lost pretty much all the weight they desired because the motivational forces were so strong.

Write out YOUR motivations for wanting to lose weight and look at this list every day to remind you of their importance.  Doing so may keep you on track for achieving and maintaining your weight control goals.

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