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How Important Is The Ambiance?

Here is a definition of the word, “AMBIANCE”: the character and atmosphere of a place or situation

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario:  You with a very special person in your life, soft music is playing, candles are flickering, the fireplace is emitting warmth and you both have wine glasses in your hand and while gazing in each other’s eyes, you both take sips from those beautiful wine glasses.  On the table is an inviting display board of wood with a cutting knife containing snacks that will be consumed before dinner.

Let’s create a new scenario:  You are with a bunch of your rowdy friends in your basement watching your favorite football team in an intense game and you have frozen mugs in your hands about ready to pour a cold drink.   On the table in front of the TV are an array of snack foods.

Let’s get back to the first scene:  In the wine glasses is not wine, but rather, a sparkling, no-caloric fruit juice.  On the snack tray there are rolled up deli meats and some cheeses but no crackers or breads.  Now to the second scenario:  Those ice cold mugs contain diet Coke and the snack board has a bunch of proteins and vegetables.

The point:  A large part of the enjoyment of alcohol and higb-caloric foods is the “ambiance” that is created to consume those derailing choices.  In the romantic scenario described above, the fireplace, the candles, the soft music and the attention of that very special person in your life…all of these add to the “ambiance” of the situation and incredible fun can still occur despite not downing the wine or champagne.  In the sports situation described above, the jokes shared with friends, bonding, enjoyment of the game and an ice cold mug filled with a quenching (albeit no calorie) beverage should override the need for the beer and chips.

Creating a fun, romantic and/or stimulating ambiance does nothing to derail your weight control efforts.  Use these “props” such as the wine glasses, snack tray, cold mugs and others to create really fun situations while still remaining adherent to your goal of becoming lots heathier and happier via weight control.

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