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How Long Does The “Feel Good” Last?

There are many things that happen to us that feel “good”.  Here are some examples:

  • Completing a project, such as the renovation of a room in our homes
  • Receiving a promotion or special recognition at work
  • Receiving an unexpected gift from a loved one
  • Watching our child or grandchild perform well at a sports event or a show/recital
  • Attending a wedding of a friend or family member
  • Getting a relaxing massage or spa treatment
  • Receiving “all is well” news from a recent medical checkup
  • Having our favorite alcohol containing beverages while relaxing
  • Eating a really great tasting meal or dessert

There are countless other bullet points that may be added to this list.

Now, let’s break these “feel good” items down to the length of time the “feel good” lasts.  As an example, watching our child or grandchild graduate with honors from an esteemed university will produce a “feel good” that lasts for quite awhile, even for months or years.  Conversely, eating a high sugar dessert produces a “feel good” that probably only lasts for several minutes after the consumption.

The point: Controlling weight produces a VERY long lasting “feel good”:  Coming off of medications, feeling more energy, looking younger, fitting into more stylish clothes…these, and more byproducts of successful weight control will produce an extremely long “feel good” that dwarfs the “feel good” time associated with eating/drinking derailing consumables.

Trading off immediate gratification for delayed gratification is somewhat antithetical to human nature.  However, try to focus on the great and LONG TERM “feel goods” that controlling weight will bring you.

And here is an expression that came out of the “Flower Power” era of the 1960’s…”Feeling Groovey”.  Enjoy Simon and Garfunkel  (by the way, I attended the same junior high school in Queens, N.Y. that they went to….good old Parsons Junior High!)

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