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How Many More Sundays?

One of my favorites comedians is Billy Crystal.  He first became well known by becoming a cast member of Saturday Night Live and then went on to have a very successful career in doing standup comedy and appearing in movies.  For those of you that have seen When Harry Met Sally and/or City Slickers, I am certain you agree the guy can make us laugh.

About 8 years ago, Mr. Crystal appeared in a one man show on Broadway called 700 Sundays.  The show’s title referred to the fact that Mr. Crystal’s dad passed away at a relatively young age, only allowing Mr. Crystal to spend about 700 weeks with his Dad being alive.  At the Crystal household, Sundays were a very special day when the family all hung around together, entertained each other and those Sundays were very memorable.   The show was very poignant and Mr. Crystal used his talents to mimic a number of his eccentric relatives that would come over on Sundays to join the family gathering.  

Personally, as I get older, I start thinking frequently about how many more “productive” years I have left to enjoy vacations, remain competitive in tennis, stay at the top of my game in medicine, etc.  I realize that at age 66 (almost), there are many more “Sundays” behind me than are in front of me.  For those of you over 50, you may have similar thoughts.

We are all often guilty of not realizing how important we are in other people’s lives and how much we will be missed when we are not around anymore.   Staying steadfast and focused on our weight control efforts will allow us to stay alive longer and be in better health to enjoy more productive time with our loved ones.   We all want many more Sundays, and every other day, to be “good” days, and this starts first and foremost with being healthy.  Enjoying time with our loved ones feels much better than any derailing food/snack source can provide to you on the immediate basis.

For those of you with HBO, check out Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays.  You will find yourself laughing and crying at times,

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