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How Many People Know?

People are very much different when it comes to informing others about their weight control efforts.  There are several reasons why many people will NOT tell others, including:

  • Fear of failure: If other people know you are trying to shed weight and are not successful in doing so, then there is fear of being looked at as a “failure”
  • Sensitivity about one’s weight: Many overweight/obese people are embarrassed/sensitive about their weight and do not like to discuss this subject with others.  They feel ashamed that they allowed themselves to get in to their weight predicament in the first place.
  • Fear that discussing/disclosing a weight control journey to others that may have weight problems themselves will somehow insult those people
  • Desire not to “bother” others with their own personal goals

I believe that a successful long-term weight control journey often requires the help/support of others.  Therefore, I encourage our patients to openly disclose and discuss their weight control mission with their friends, family, colleagues and other people in their lives.  There are several reasons for this recommendation:

  • Having people around you know that you are trying to lose/control weight will (hopefully) have them stop enticing you to join them in eating/drinking behaviors that are derailing your efforts
  • People that care about you, knowing your goals to be more healthy, will offer support such as joining you in your efforts, sharing recipes, partnering with you on exercise etc.

I encourage you to not be “private” about your weight control efforts/journey.  Rather, let all of the important people in your lives know about your goals to be healthier and happier.  True friends and your family will be very helpful in your journey.

Enjoy a little help from your friends…such as the “help” Ringo Starr got from Paul at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in 2015.

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