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How Much Is On Your Plate?

There is an expression used to describe a situation when we have too many obligations/chores we need to do:  “There is too much on my plate.”  This is not referring to an actual plate or food on a plate, but rather, an expression that describes an overwhelming situation of too many things to accomplish with too little time to do them.

For people out there with school age children, full time jobs, elderly parents in need of attention, household chores that need to be attended to etc…you know exactly what it feels like to have “too much on your plate”.

Here is an important issue pertinent to weight control:  Successful weight control efforts require focus on the “things” needed to achieve and maintain the weight loss: Preparing meals, shopping for the right foods, counting portions, finding exercise time, focusing on the reasons why weight control is so important, etc etc etc.  If we do not have time to focus on our weight control efforts, the chances of losing weight and keeping that weight off are slim to none.

Let’s get back to our proverbial “plate”:  Are there any obligations/responsibilities that have been placed on our plates that are not necessary?  Caring for children and focusing on work are in the category of “necessary” things on our plates.  However, maybe there are some things that can be eliminated:  Volunteering to be on a home owner’s association, being a part of some social media group that is not very important to you, having to binge watch a certain show as soon as it is posted, etc etc.

Weight control requires lots of time, energy, effort and focus.  If there are any things you can take off your “plate” and place your weight control needs on that plate, then try to do this.  Doing so will markedly increase your chances of a successful weight control journey.

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