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How Much Time Do YOU Spend Planning?

Here are the noun and verb definitions of “PLAN”

Noun: an intention or decision about what one is going to do.

Verb: decide on and arrange in advance.

There are some people that are major “Planners” whereas others are more spontaneous in their actions.  However, even the “spontaneous” people plan things as well.  Planning can be directed at such things as:

  • Types/itineraries of vacations
  • Organizing your/your children’s weekend activities
  • Going out to socialize with friends
  • Making reservations at a busy restaurant for a weekend outing

There are many other bullet points that can be added to the above.

Focusing on weight control and health/wellness in general:  PLANNING is a major contributory factor to long-term weight control and good health.  When we make spontaneous decisions on meals and snacks, the chances are great that those foods/drinks will not be greatly compatible with weight control.  If our jobs keep us busy and we do not plan for our dietary intake, meals/snacks will be missed OR high carb/high sugar sources will be consumed.

How many of you out there spend 15 minutes or more planning your meals snacks for days in advance?  I suspect the number of hands raised is less than 20% of the readers of this entry.  Why do so many people NOT plan out their meals/snacks in advance?  The answer is time pressure.  So many of you out there are taking care of families, working full time jobs and every waking moment is spent taking care of your loved ones, jobs and other responsibilities.

Please take the needed time to PLAN your meals, snacks, water intake and exercise time.  By doing so, you will find the weight coming off much more aggressively.  Devote 15 minutes a week to sitting down with a pen and paper, and plot out your strategy for the upcoming week.  Look at our sample meal/snack plans for the various phases of our program.  Spend time on YOU.

Here is the late Dan Fogelberg singing “Part Of The PLAN”

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