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How Much Time Do You Spend Planning?

Most of us do not place a timer on and off when we are doing our various activities.  We do know that each week, we spend “x” amount of hours sleeping, “y” amount of minutes/hours driving to and from work (or these days walking upstairs to and from our home based office), “z” amount of time watching our favorite shows at night, etc. 

However, there are some daily activities we are involved with that we really do not have a very accurate idea as to how much time is devoted to these endeavors. How much time do you spend texting people?  How much time do you spend on your smart phone/tablet/computer that is not work-related?  How much time do you spend watching your favorite shows?

Long-term weight control success requires lots of planning:  Planning your meals, planning your food shopping excursions, planning your exercise time, etc.  So begs the question:  How much time do YOU spend planning the various actions needed for weight control success?  

If you realize that you are spending very little-no time planning the activities necessary for weight control, then take a step back, examine your overall use of time and redistribute time allocations to allow for adequate “planning” time.

Weight gain requires no thought, no action, and certainly no planning.  Weight gain is a completely passive event.  Controlling weight however requires lots of activities and planning those activities are of utmost important for long-term success.

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