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How Often Do You Deliver the SOM?

I am writing this entry on the morning after President Biden delivered the “State Of The Union”, otherwise referred to as the “SOTU”.  For those expecting my personal take on what transpired last night, that ain’t gonna happen as my intent of these blogs is to help and encourage your health pursuits, not to supply my own personal political opinions.  No matter what I write concerning politics, 50% of you would fist-pump me and agree whereas 50% of you would completely disagree and get angry with me.  I would much rather have over 90% of you appreciating these posts.

So, on to the subject matter: What is the “SOM”?  This is my shortened version of the “STATE OF ME”.  Similar to the once a year “SOTU” delivered by the U.S. President, I believe it is important that we all take a step back and evaluate our own “State” of health.  Some of these factors are subjective, such as how we feel in general, whether we are experiencing pain, how much energy we feel, what is the quality of our sleep, etc etc.  However, some of the contributing factors to your own health “state” are objective in nature, such as your laboratory blood testing, your organ function, your cognitive abilities, etc etc.

That once a year “SOM” should include a yearly check up with your primary care physician.  Do not put this off.  Covid is essentially in the rearview mirror as far as impacting doctors’ office hours and your ability to get an appointment. That yearly checkup, together with your own subjective assessment (as well as your spouse’s opinion) will add up to an effective and reality-based “SOM”.

There is no political spinning of the “SOM”.  Knowing where your own health stands and what to do to make this better are important factors in keeping you alive and well so you can be present for many more “SOTU” speeches.  (And for those of you that wake up the morning after the SOTU feeling angry, here is a song that is sure to make you relax…close your eyes and listen to Percy Faith’s orchestra)

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