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How To Cruise and Not Put on 5 Or More Pounds

We LOVE going on cruises for many reasons including: GREAT views of the stars and ocean off your balcony, super entertainment, reaching different ports as opposed to being at one place in a hotel room, wonderful service and of course, LOTS of really good food.  

I have gone on 15 or more cruises and every time I come back and get on the scale, I have gained 5 or more pounds.  Why/how does this occur?  Well, the “human nature” part of me kicks in so my brain tells me that we are paying the same price whether we eat a small amount of food or a large amount, so, let’s get our $$$ worth!  I am not normally a big breakfast eater but on the cruise ship?  Eggs, bacon, bagels, a pancake or two and then maybe a muffin or other pastry.  On to the lunch buffet:  Probably a double cheeseburger, some of the other hot dishes and I hit the dessert area.  I am a bit more circumspect at dinner, BUT I will often order two entries because the choices all look good, and once again, same price!  And of course, dessert once again in the dining room.  But wait…there is more:  Although “Midnight buffets” are a thing of the past, all ships still have 24/7 pizza, ice cream and/or burger areas OR a diner type restaurant open for late night desserts.

So, today’s entry will point out some strategies to follow IF you decide to go on a cruise vacation and do NOT want to put 5 or more pounds on. Here goes:

  • Do NOT prepay for an alcohol package.  First, they are expensive and you can save yourself $$$.  Additionally, if you pay for your drinks as you go, you will be far less likely to consume incredible amounts of alcohol.
  • Go to the dining room for your meals and avoid the buffet restaurant.  Yes, in the dining room you can order several meals and dessert BUT if you are dining with other people at the table, you will tend to be a bit more circumspect in regards to how much food and desserts you are eating
  • Do NOT eat any more food after 8 pm:  Don’t be tempted by those 24/7 food venues that serve up those burgers and pizzas AFTER you have already devoured a large dinner.
  • Obligate yourself to exercise at the ship fitness center EVERY DAY.  Start your morning with an exercise class, time on the elliptical machine, treadmill walking or brisk several mile walk around the deck designated for the walking track.
  • Select those shore excursions that involve lots of walking/hiking/biking as opposed to wine tasting tours or similar non-exertional activities.
  • Do NOT order room service.

Did I take away all of the fun of your cruise?  Hopefully not!   We can all go on cruises and still have a great time!

And I can end this entry in one of two ways: Smokey Robinson singing “Cruising” OR the theme from the old TV series “The Love Boat”.  Click on the link to find out!

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