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How To Dissect The Weekend Challenges

Here is one of the very UNFAIR truisms relating to long-term weight control:  It is SO easy to gain weight and so DIFFICULT to lose weight.  You can spend 4-6 days of the week closely adhering to the dietary plan needed to shed weight, come off of these behavioral patterns for only 1-3 days, and the weight will either stay the same or go up.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was the other away around, i.e. eat/drink what you want for the majority of the week, “diet” for only a few days and still lose weight?

Given this “unbalance” the few days that people come off of their dietary adherence is most likely the weekend.  During the week, we are often more “routinized” in our activities and the weekday evenings are often not conducive for eating out at restaurants and/or drinking alcohol at home.  When we need to wake up early in the morning and work a full day, we cannot afford to engage in evening behaviors that will detract from our ability to perform our weekday activities.

If you find that the it is the  weekend 1-2 (or 3) days you derail your other 5-6 days of diligent weight loss efforts, try to dissect exactly what those weekend challenges are.  Do you:

  • Drink more alcohol on the weekends?
  • Take time off from your weekday exercise routines?
  • Go out to restaurants and eat/drink off the plan?
  • Socialize with friends mostly around alcohol and high caloric foods?
  • Watch sports events and snack lots during these games?

Take a step back and evaluate what the weekend challenges are and then implement a behavioral strategy that allows you to still kick back and relax from your arduous work week but still not derail your efforts to improve your health and happiness via successful weight loss.

Enjoy Cat Stevens (I can’t remember his new name) singing “Another Saturday Night”.

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