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How To Handle An Addiction

Okay, truth be known, here is my food addiction:  I LOVE soft pretzels, especially the ones made in the Philadelphia area.  I grew up in New York and the street vendors sold those large pretzels, but nothing beats those soft, attached Philadelphia pretzels.  Forget about those greasy things they sell in the malls.  The Philadelphia Pretzel factory franchise makes GREAT, hot, fresh, salty and scrumptious soft pretzels.

On our trip back from Jersey this week we pass fairly close to one of those Philadelphia Pretzel Factories and despite telling myself: “Nope…stay on the highway, save those calories, do not succumb to your addiction”, the car almost automatically exited to ensure a stop at the pretzel place.  The smell and look of those freshly made soft pretzels had me salivating much like my yellow lab when he sees me putting his food in the bowl.

Knowing this descent into my addiction was likely to take place, I did the following:  

1-worked out extra hard over the preceding several days to burn off more calories than usual

2-Placed them in an area of the car that sort of prevented me from repeatedly reaching over to mindlessly chomp on them the entire trip.

3- Contact a bunch of people I know to offer them warm pretzels, thereby ensuring that I would commit as many pretzels as I could to not being at my house.

We all have our individual “addictions” to certain foods/drinks.  I am not recommending to anyone that he/should should never do those foods again.  However, develop a strategy that limits the “damages” and ultimately allows you to continue successfully on your long-term weight control journey.

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