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How Would You Rate Your QOL?

If you were asked this question, how would you respond?  On a Scale of 0-10, with 10 being absolutely superlative and 0 being absolutely miserable, how would you rate YOUR Quality Of Life?

Well, prior to an answer being provided, many aspects of our lives would need to be considered, including such contributing factors as:

  • How we feel, i.e. whether we are in any pain, how high our energy levels are, the quality of our sleep and many other health-related conditions
  • How much pleasure or dissatisfaction we get out of our occupations
  • How much “comfort” is in our lives in terms of houses, cars and other material possessions
  • Our relationships with our children, parents, siblings, friends
  • How much pleasure we derive from our hobbies and leisure activities

Obviously, there are many other contributing factors to our “QOL Score”.

Now, take a step back and identify what correctable actions can be taken on anything that seems to be detracting from a “QOL” score of 10.  Many of these may wind up falling into the health-related category.  I would propose that pain may be one of the most important contributing factors to lowering the QOL score.  If pain is being experienced, are there steps that can be taken to lower/eliminate the pain?  If poor weight control is contributing to joint/back pains, clearly weight loss will help this.  If you have some sort of pain syndrome and have not obtained professional help, make that appointment with your primary care doctor to begin the process.

My guess is that most people would not rate their QOL Score as “10”.  What is YOURS and if you are not happy with that number, take the necessary steps to bring that QOL higher.

One of the best songwriters, ever, Paul Simon, wrote a song called “Quality”.  Not one of his most famous, but here it is.  Although this came out in 2007 it sounds like a 50’s song.

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