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Identifying YOUR Derailers

Here is a definition of the word “DERAIL”: to cause to fail or become deflected from a purpose; reduce or delay the chances for success or development of

I frequently use the word “derail” in these entries and I am referencing the things, situations, circumstances, foods, and anything/anyone else that obstructs our efforts to shed the weight we want to desire achieve our optimal health and appearance.

Here are some of the many “DERAILERS” that deflect us from our chances of weight control success:

  • Snacks such as cookies, ice cream, chips etc that we buy and then get into at night
  • Having nightly/weekend alcohol containing drinks
  • Hanging out with friends that love to socialize around food and booze
  • Going through fast food drive-throughs to expedite dinner for ourselves and family
  • Using processed foods heated up in the microwave for meals
  • Not carving out exercise time

Many, many more bullet points may be added to this list.

We are all different and therefore subject to different “derailers”.  It is important to identify the “derailers” that hinder YOUR efforts to lose the weight you desire.  If we do not take the time to do this, the same behavioral patterns will persist and there is essentially a zero chance of being able to get down to and then maintain your ideal weight.

Take out that sheet of paper and a pen and write down YOUR “derailers”.  Then right across from those write down some potential solutions as to how to block that particular derailer.  As an example, if hanging out with your boating friends on the weekends leads to drinking too much alcohol and destroying your entire week of diligent weight loss efforts, then limit those encounters and/or come up with other, healthier plans for the weekends.  Another example:  If snacking on popcorn at night while watching Netflix is a derailer, then do NOT buy popcorn to have in the house.

Successful long-term weight control requires LOTS of thought and effort.  Identifying YOUR “derailers” will help for sure.

Hmmm..No songs about “Derailers” comes to mind, BUT “derailing” can also refer to trains coming off their tracks, so on the “train” line of thinking, here is a “Peace” one…enjoy the former Cat Stevens.

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