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If Money Was No Object…

If a person attempting to control weight were to have a bank account similar to Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates (even after the divorce), the following could be of great help to ensuring weight loss success:

  • Hire a personal chef to construct Phase 1-compatible meals
  • Hire a personal shopper to ensure that the “right” types of foods, snacks and beverages are available in the house
  • Hire an in-house personal trainer to supervise/encourage daily workouts
  • Buy the best/most up to date exercise equipment for the house
  • Have an indoor and outdoor pool so if knee/feet problems are present, you can still exercise
  • Buy the most expensive, delicious proteins such as the very best filet, lobster, King crab legs etc
  • Take vacations at luxurious destinations where you can rent a large house with a huge kitchen and support staff to prepare meals when you do not venture out to restaurants.

Unfortunately, not many people have the financial resources to make any/many of the above bullet points actually happen.  The reality is that we all have budget concerns and limitations that preclude having/doing many of the things that would make the weight loss journey much easier.

However, we can navigate around these budget limitations in creative ways to still increase the odds of weight loss success.   Here are some thoughts:

  • Join the Planet Fitness gym for $10 bucks a month with no yearly contract as opposed to the $49 monthly gym that provides lots more “bells and whistles’, yet you may never use the pool, indoor basketball court etc.
  • Stop at the supermarket and buy the $15 dollar pre-made, heated turkey or chicken that can be served immediately as a great source of protein.
  • Shop for your abundant protein needs at Lidle, Costco or some other discount grocery store as opposed to Wegmans or some of the other much higher priced stores.
  • Find a very affordable rental place for your vacation that offers a kitchen as opposed to staying at a 5-star Marriott and having to pay huge bucks for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Buy protein in bulk from a place that offers a great discount based on the amount purchased and place the extra protein in your garage/basement freezer.
  • Get paid if you refer a frind to the Serotonin-Plus Program. We are offering a FREE $100 Gift Card to YOU for referrals that start the SP Program AND a 10% discount for the person(s) you refer.
  • Share your Before & After pictures with us and receive Free SP products or Free visit w/phentermine.

Please feel free to send us your suggestions as to how to make our dollars go further and more efficiently as we try to get to our healthiest and happiest weights:

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