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“I’m A Native _______”

Before I ask you to fill in the blank for yourself as per the title of this entry, here is some definitions of the word “NATIVE”

  • a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not (noun)
  • associated with the place or circumstances of a person’s birth (adjective)

If I filled in the blank for myself, the word would be (native) NEW YORKER.  As per the adjective, the associated food features of my previous New York life that I have brought woth me to Virginia include:

  • My love of pizza
  • My love of NY Cheesecake
  • Huge corned beef sandwiches and knishes
  • Nathan’s fries

I can add many more bullet points to my list of weight-damaging foods that were/are a part of my “Native New Yorker” life.

Now, let’s turn to YOU.  How would you fill in the blank?  Once you do, then think about all of the “Native foods” that you grew up that still, to this day, are part of your dietary regimen that may be quite derailing of your weight loss efforts.

We ALL bring with us our past histories, including the foods we grew up with and were part of the nurturing our parents provided.  It is important to ensure that we do NOT overindulge in these “Native foods”, because if we do, achieving our healthy/happy weight will be very difficult.

And for any fellow “Native New Yorkers” out there, enjoy Odyssey’s 1977 “Native New Yorker”.

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