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I am writing this entry on the eve of Independence Day.  This is one of my favorite holidays as we celebrate the “birth” of our nation.  I feel so lucky and fortunate that my grandparents exited their countries due to oppression and made their way to our great country.  It was not easy for them when they first entered the U.S. but their hard work paved the way for me to be born and grow up a proud American and live an American dream.  If not for our country’s forefathers and foremothers, all of us would not be where we are today.

Here is a definition of “INDEPENDENCE”: the quality or state of being independent : freedom from outside control or support

Now, focusing on the healthcare field, it is a wonderful condition to be INDEPENDENT of:


  • Needing other people to help us accomplish our daily tasks
  • Machines (such as CPAP) and other medical equipment required to treat medical conditions
  • Seeing doctors of many specialties due to health issues that are not well controlled
  • Having multiple pill bottles inn your cabinet, all of which are being used to treat otherwise preventable health conditions


Being successful in weight control, exercising, abstaining from detrimental behaviors such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking, using recreational drugs, etc…all of these and more allow us to be more INDEPENDENT from the aforementioned things.  

INDEPENDENCE was great for our country and great for us individually.  Stay focused!

And one of my favorite movies ever (despite having to see Will Smith…sorry, I am a huge Chris Rock fan) is INDEPENDENCE DAY.  Here is the scene when the President (played by Bill Pullman) gives his rousing speech about fighting for our freedom against the invading aliens…a new Independence Day.  Enjoy!

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