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Insights Into The Eating Habits Of GOATS

When you read an article discussing sports, inevitably there will be references to the “GOATS” of the various sports.  “GOATS” stands for the “Greatest Of All Time”.  Tom Brady, being the best quarterback ever has been referred to as the “GOAT” of football, Wayne Gretzky, holding more scoring records than anyone else is the “GOAT” of hockey and Tiger Woods is arguably the “GOAT” of golf.  

So, now that you are expecting me to dive into the eating habits of these great sports’ figures I am about to disappoint you.  I am going to focus on another “GOAT”, and that is the animal we see on the farms and petting zoos.

The other day Nataliya and I were at a farmer’s market in Delaware at the back of the market was a farm and petting zoo.  We saw children having a great time feeding horses and goats.  I wandered over there and saw the food that people were buying specifically feed the goats.  For one buck I picked up a container of “Goat food” and proceeded to the fence area where these very tame animals would gently suck the food out of my open hand.  The food consisted of grains, oats, some corn.  Checking the internet grass hay and dry forage are the staples of a goat’s diet.  The goats seemed thrilled with food being provided to them and clearly, the owners ensured that the goat food they were selling to people to feed these goats was healthy and in no way damaging to the goats.

So here I am on vacation but now comes the curse of being a doctor:  My mind started wandering to humans, our dietary “needs” and how we have morphed into such an overweight/obese society.  What nutrients are essential for human nutrition? Proteins, lipids (mostly fats and oils), carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water are essential nutrients for human nutrition.  Vodka martinis, beer, white wine, chips, sugar sodas, cakes and fries are not on this list.

Goats seem to be very happy eating the foods that keep them healthy. Humans?  Nope…we hate going to dietary “prison” and limit/eliminate the extra sugars and alcohol.  If were in a zoo and the owners were trying to keep us as productive and healthy as possible, we would NOT be fed the foods we self-select.

Let’s all take a lesson from the GOATS (not referring to Brady, Gretzky or Woods):  Be happy eating the foods that make us much healthier.  That improved health will translate into improved happiness.  Baaaaaaaaaa   (ck tomorrow with a non-GOAT entry!)

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