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Is It Important To Avoid The Prison Mindset?

Face it:  If any of us had the horrific scenario of facing a prison sentence, there are two things we would most likely want to do:

  1. Live life to the fullest before we entered prison
  2. Try desperately to lower the time spent in prison

Let’s turn to the weight control arena:  I have had many people ask me the following questions before or slightly after joining our program:

  1. Does the Serotonin-Plus Program allow for a weekly “cheat day” (i.e. one day a week when the patient comes off of the diet and can eat anything he/she wants)?
  2. Can I start the “diet” on Monday because I have plans for a fun weekend that will include eating and drinking a lot?

The concepts of “cheat days” and “not starting the diet until a future date after a fun excursion” are sort of compatible with a “prison mindset”.   Basically, this thought process places a weight control journey being analogous to a prison sentence:  The affected person is being “punished” for past dietary transgressions, needs to suffer the consequences and then, after a certain period of time based on “good behavior” released from this “dietary prison” and can resume normalcy.  In this analogy “normalcy” is going back to the old, and more fun, eating and drinking behaviors.

The outcome of the “prison mindset” will be weight loss followed by gaining all the weight back.  

By no means am I saying that the weight control journey is fun or easy.  However, the results of successful weight control are amazing…much improved health and higher happiness levels.

If you find yourself in the “prison mindset”, try very hard to eliminate this line of thinking and embrace the concept that what truly is a “prison” is being in an unhealthy body.

And the best prison movie?  I vote for the Morgan Freeman/Tim Robbins flick “Shawshank Redemption”.  Enjoy the escape scene!  

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