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Is It Too Late?

For many people struggling with weight control for many years there are times when this thought starts setting in:  “IT IS TOO LATE”.  This implies that at a certain age or a certain amount of years of not achieving weight control success, there is at that point, little-no chance of ever reaching a goal weight.  When this mind-set occurs, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy:  It is indeed “TOO LATE” and the affected people will never shed the weight.

The oldest person the SP Program helped was 87 years old.  The reason why she wanted to lose weight?  This great grandmother was going to be in a generational fashion show with her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter.  There was no “health” motivation in the least:  she simply wanted to look great in the outfit she would be wearing to the event.  We helped her lose 14 pounds and to date, one of the fondest memories for me of our program was her proudly showing me pictures of the event and how happy she was being there.

We have placed many people in their 70’s into the program and mostly, their motivations were centered around health and the desire to regain energy, come off of a number of their medications and lessen joint pains.  Another great byproduct of their weight loss was also the higher confidence and self-esteem that accompanied the younger, healthier “look”.

So, the point of this entry:  Do NOT allow the “It’s Too Late” mind-set to creep into your brain when it comes to controlling weight.  The only time it is truly “too late” is when the Overweight Lady (see, I did not use the “F” word!) sings and the game is over.

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