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Is Meal Planning Important?

If I lined up 100 people and asked them what they plan on eating for lunch 2 days from now, what percentage of those people would have a definitive answer?  My guess is that less than 5 would have an immediate response with over 95 not having a firm idea.  Given the overweight/obesity rate in the United States, the likelihood is that 70 of those 100 people have a BMI greater than 25, with 36 having a BMI greater than 30.

“Planning” is vitally important to the success of many ventures.  On the business front, no company would receive funding without having a firm “business plan”.  On the sports front, having a solid game plan is vitally importantto win an upcoming game.  There is no doubt that the Tampa game plan on both offense and defense was much better than the Chief’s, hence the major reason why the game was so lopsided.

In the weight control arena, planning Is a necessary component of long-term success.  When we make spontaneous decisions on meals, there is a high likelihood that meals/snacks may be missed and/or the portions of the food groups we recommend are not being adhered to.  Moreover, spontaneous decision making will often lead to drive throughs.  Regular exercise also requires planning, meaning that time needs to be allotted for these caloric burn-off periods.

Meal planning does not require hours.  Sitting down for 10 minutes with a piece of paper and pen will allow you the opportunity to jot down the days of the week and what you see as potential prudent meals and snacks for those upcoming 7 days.  By doing so regularly (perhaps on a Sunday afternoon) you will then have a much higher chance of adhering to the principles of the SP Dietary Plan.

Going into a weight control journey without planning is akin to going up against a great NFL football team that has many great players and coaches.  You will only win the game if you have an incredibly solid and well thought out game plan.  

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