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Is Momentum Important?

For those Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals fans out there, you know exactly what it means to develop momentum that ultimately results in a championship.  The baseball team especially developed momentum at the right time.  During the regular season there were lots of ups and downs but in the playoffs, the team put it all together and went on a great run ultimately resulting in the winning the World Series.

Turning away from the sporting world and focusing on weight control, how does “momentum”  play a role?  Here goes:  There is nothing more frustrating during a weight control journey of adhering to a plan for a few days, coming off the plan for a few days and ultimately seeing little-no weight loss.  The days spent following the plan provide feelings of sacrifice and deprivations while the days off the plan are filled with guilt and self-loathing.  And once again, no weight loss is realized and frustration sets in with the “I give up” mentality ultimately occurring.

It is very important that people on a long-term weight control journey need to see impressive results in fairly short order.  Hence, we strongly recommend our SP Phase 1 be followed for at least 2 weeks if not more.  The “success” of seeing lots of weight come off results in a momentum of sorts that further propels people to adhere to the plan with positive energy.

Momentum is very important in the weight control arena just as it is in sports.  The difference is that you are playing for your health and happiness.

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