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Is Patience Important?

One of the many aspects of human nature is our desire to have positive outcomes happen quickly.   Clearly, some of us have more patience than others.  Take a look around other car drivers on a heavily trafficked commute and you will see some people listening to music or book on tape seemingly unfazed by the traffic jam whereas other people seem to be seething behind the wheel ready to explode.  At a dinner table at a restaurant when the service is slow, some diners take advantage of the extra time to enjoy the ambience whereas others call for the manager to complain about the poor service.

Turning our focus to weight control, it is important to remember that the extra weight did not accumulate overnight and the weight will certainly not disappear overnight.  The journey from bringing the weight down from the current number to the desired one will take a period of time.  Obviously, the time frame will depend on several factors, the most important of which is the amount of pounds that needed to be lost.  Other factors include gender, with men being able to shed weight quicker than females, the age of the person, other medical conditions etc.

The point:  Please be patient during your weight control journey and do not allow the occasional “bump in the road” to completely throw you off track.   I know we all would like to be at our ideal weight as soon as possible, and if you stay focused on the SP Dietary Plan, you will reach your goal. 

And now, for a trivia question that I would bet NO ONE will know without looking this up:  Who can be credited with the saying “PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE?”

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