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Is Sexual Dysfunction Linked To Weight?

So today I am getting lots more people to open up the daily blog because “sex sells” and our topic today is about sex.

Previous studies have demonstrated that obese men exhibit more symptoms of sexual function than normal weight men.  Lack of libido and erectile dysfunction are the two most prominent symptoms.  But does poor weight control impact sexual function in females?

Numerous studies have shown the negative sexual impacts in women that have poor weight control including:

  • Arousal
  • Lubrication
  • Satisfaction
  • Orgasm

Another major contributing aspect aside from the physical impact of weight on sexual function is the psychological aspect.  When people feel more attractive/”sexier” there is more likely to be an improved sexual experience than when people feel less positive about their bodies.

Aside from weight control, aging obviously impacts libido and the sexual experience.  I am sure you men out there remember the days in college when you had a sexual thought every 10 minutes.  Now, you may think of where the nearest bathroom is every 10 minutes.  Females similarly experience libido changes as they age.

Controlling weight makes lots of things better…including sex.

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