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Is Take-Out An Advantage?

One of the many changes to our old “normal” brought on by the pandemic is our “eating out” frequency.  For any of you venturing to eat inside the restaurants you may notice, like I have, that there are far people dining in.  In the earlier stage, only take-out was allowed but now, as long as the % limit of occupancy is met, restaurants can serve inside guests.  However, despite this change, it seems that many customers still prefer take-out.  My suspicion is that fear of being exposed to Covid, despite the restricted occupancy, is the major reason.

So, turning to the weight control arena, does it make a difference whether you are eating your favorite restaurant’s food inside your house or dining at the eatery?  I believe it is much easier to follow a weight-conscious plan when doing take out.  Here are the reasons:

When dining inside the restaurant, there may be more “temptations” to derail your entire week of diligent weight-loss work.   This starts with the alcohol containing drink offerings, continues with the hot bread basket (not as appetizing when you bring it home and it is cold) and ends with that beautiful dessert tray that offers up an array of really high sugar and fat containing items.  At home, your “dessert tray” may consist of the package of stale, bite sized Milky Ways left over from last Halloween (certainly not as appealing as that creamy cheese cake or chocolate lava cake with ice cream on top).

Bringing home the great protein/vegetable meal from your favorite restaurant breaks up the monotony of preparing all of your meals at home but can be done in a way to not break up your designed plan to get that weight down.

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