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Is There A “Luck” Factor?

Here is a definition of the word “LUCK”: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

We will often either extend or receive a “good luck” in certain scenarios such as:

  • Before engaging in a sports competition such as a golf tournament, tennis match etc
  • Before interviewing for a new job
  • Before taking a test
  • Before launching a new business
  • Before undergoing a medical procedure

Many other bullet points may be added to this list.

In the weight control arena, there may exist some elements of “luck” such as:

  • Starting a weight control effort at a younger age, when metabolism is less impacted by the aging process
  • Genetically, inheriting the necessary DNA that allows for a speedier weight loss
  • Inheriting or having lots of money so lots of resources can be put into weight control efforts such as joining a medical program such as Serotonin-Plus, hiring a personal trainer, joining a fancy gym etc.
  • Not having to waste time each day commuting to a job and that time can be better used focusing on weight control efforts.

Getting back to the definition of “luck”:  This includes the element of “chance rather than through one’s own actions”.  This is where the concept of “Luck” has little relevance in the weight control arena.  Success or failure to shed the weight is very much dependent on “one’s own actions”.  Losing weight and keeping that weight off is an active process that requires lots of planning, focus and attention.  “Luck” is not part of this process.

Personally, I believe that people sort of make their own “luck” occur.  In the case of weight control, this concept certainly applies.

And here is one of my favorite 70’s groups singing about the opposite of “Good Luck”.  Harold Melvin and Blue Notes were one of the best known Philadelphia Soul groups….enjoy!

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