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Is There Such A Thing As A Free Lunch?

There is a common, doubting expression used to jokingly refer to advertisements for “FREE” things:  “There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”.  This implies that pretty much everything that is purportedly offered for “free” comes with some sort of caveat of sorts.  For example the “Buy one/get one for free”, requires that the first one be bought before the “free” item is provided.  Here is another example:  Online, informative articles/magazines/books are offered for “free” but the person must provide a valid e-mail address and/or phone number to receive that “free” item.  The company/person offering this is certain to be writing/calling you in the future to try to sell you stuff that is certainly not for free.

Here is something the Serotonin-Plus Team and I provide for FREE:  Monthly body scans.  This really cool body composition device provides LOTS more information than the weight/BMI.  Body composition is a MUCH better indicator of global health than the BMI.  As discussed in these entries previously, a well trained, muscled athlete can have a BMI greater than 30, yet, with a low percentage body fat is a specimen of great health.

What percentage of our patients comes in for the FREE monthly bodyscan?  The answer:  Not nearly enough.   Why do people not take advantage of this FREE offering?  Several reasons:  1- the busy/hectic schedule has people not thinking about themselves and therefore not taking the time they need to focus on their health.  2- If a few pounds go on, people become somewhat embarrassed and want to avoid coming in.

The accountability of presenting to our office for FREE monthly body scans results in a much better chance of keeping the weight off after you exited formal visits.  PLEASE take advantage of this offering…we do not consider our SP Program to be “12 –weeks” but rather, between the blog writing, recipe providing and FREE body scans, a never-ending program.

And stay tuned for an event we will throw for our patients in May that will, in fact, prove that there is such a thing as a “FREE LUNCH”.

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