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Is Weight Control A Juggling Act?

If you lined up all of your responsibilities as balls that a juggler performs with, how many balls would you have up in the air at the same time?  Work and home responsibilities would probably account for lots of those balls.  Perhaps there is extended families such as elderly parents that would be represented as well.

When you are trying to control weight, lets place a “weight control ball” in this scenario.  The more balls the jugglers showcases, the higher difficulty factor and the greater chance that as the juggling continues some/many of the balls will be dropped.

Are there any “balls” that you are juggling that are not absolutely necessary?  Did you commit yourself to serving on a homeowners board?  Some school committee?  Are you agreeing to going out to socialize with people that you really are not that interested in going out with?

The point:  To be successful in long-term weight control, we must spend time/energy on focusing on this.  The more “other stuff” we try to juggle, the more chance of us dropping the weight control efforts.  Evaluate every “ball” you are juggling in life and assess just how necessary each of those are.  Obviously, performing well at work, taking care of family and other “balls” cannot be dropped.  However, to juggle all of those “balls” you must be healthy and hence the importance of the weight control “ball”.  Do not drop this one.

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