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Just Another Manic __________

There are many factors that contribute to the relative tumult of the various days of the week.  Some of these include:

  • The age of the person
  • Family status:  are there custodial age children still at home?
  • Type of work and hours required
  • Commute required to go to and from work

Many other bullet points can be added to this list.  For those people working Monday through Friday, clearly, the weekdays present the greatest challenge to add anything else to your list of “things that must be done”.  However, for those people with children involved in a bunch of weekend activities, Saturdays and Sundays may be ever y bit as “manic” as the weekdays.

One of the most challenging issues involved with long-term weight control is finding the time to plan your meals/snacks, shop for the items needed to conform with the high protein/low carb dietary approach and prepare those meals.   Additionally, finding the time to exercise is often difficult depending on how many other issues need to be attended to on certain days.

I recommend that my patients take a step back and identify what day of the week or weekend is the least “manic” and take the 10-15 minutes needed to strategize the week in advance.  Take out an old fashioned pen and paper and list the days of the week upcoming and what your meals, snacks, shopping and exercise times may look like.  Rather than not having any plans and approaching every meal and day with spontaneity, having a game plan of sorts will be incredibly helpful.

Personally, I have zero “excuses” to NOT be able to find a day/time for planning/strategizing.  My children are grown, I do not have a 9-5 job (although my cell phone is always on for you 24/7) I have no commute to work, gym equipment at home and in many other ways, I should be able to find planning time easily.  For those of you on the opposite end of the spectrum, I.e. every day seems like you are running around with zero time for yourself, this is more challenging.

Target your least manic day for 10-15 minutes of planning.   This will go a long way in helping your journey for better health and happiness be a successful one.

And how could I end this entry by NOT posting The Bangles song “Just Another Manic Monday”?  Enjoy!   

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