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Keep It Comin Off

One of the very important aspects of successful long-term weight control is not envisioning a “finish line”.  The “usual” course of events: The overweight/obese person decides “I want to lose weight” and the decision is made to go on a “diet”.  With great focus and energy, the person embarks on some sort of “diet” (most likely high protein/low carb) and the weight starts coming off.  After a period of time, the clothes sizes start changing, the person looks in the mirror and sees a smaller size “me”, more energy is felt and other people start making positive comments about the new “look”.

After a while, some perceived “end points” are reached, the person takes the foot off the proverbial gas and old habits start returning.  Some more carbs start getting in, alcohol restriction is laxed, maybe the alarm is not set for early gym time anymore and before long, the scale starts creeping up in numbers.

It is very important that we must all keep our heads in the game, not be duped into giving up the new behavioral patterns we developed and remain laser-focused on our weight control efforts.   If we have 40-50 pounds to lose and 20-30 have been lost, do not be lulled by this great accomplishment of the weight that has been lost already.  Yes, you will be getting loads of compliments from friends, family and colleagues, but do not let this stop you from staying steadfast in your efforts to attain and maintain the healthy/happy goal weight.

Keep that weight comin off.   And that “comin” is not a Posner 4 am typo.  For those boomers out there, put on those disco shoes and bell bottom pants, change the words from “Keep It Comin Love,” to “Keep It Comin Off” and enjoy K.C. and the Sunshine Band (and see if you can keep your feet from moving to the beat!)

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