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Keep Your Enemies Closer? NO!!!

“My father taught me many things here – he taught me in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

If you are a male over 50 years old and cannot name the movie that the above quote came from, shame on you!  Almost 50 years later, the iconic Godfather trilogy (okay, the first two were great but the last one sucked) still remains on the movie channels and there are many, many famous quotes that came from these movies.  Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, is the character that advised his family to “keep your enemies closer”.

Unlike the Godfather’s enemies that were trying to hurt/kill him and his family business, in the weight control arena the “enemies” are those food and drink sources that derail our efforts.  Although we refer to these as “sweets”, “treats”, “goodies” and “comfort foods”, they are truly “enemies”, as they harm our chances of becoming healthier and happier.

During the course of your weight control journey, it is imperative to keep these derailing food/drink sources farther away than those foods and drinks that help our efforts.  If the M&Ms are not in your pantry, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream not in your freezer and your wine cellar is sort of empty then it will be much more difficult to reach for these.  When you go shopping, do NOT allow these “enemies” to make their way into your cart.  And, those “friends” that like to coax you into eating and drinking escapades should be kept farther away than those friends that influence you to a healthier lifestyle.

So, no offense Michael Corleone, but when it comes to the weight control arena, The Bob (not the Don) of weight control advises:  Keep your friends (those food/drink sources and people that help your weight control efforts) close but keep your enemies MUCH farther away.  And next week we will be announcing a major sale (The Bob’s Birthday Sale) for people wanting to restart or add more visits….this will be an offer you CANNOT REFUSE!!!

Enjoy this scene from the Godfather Part 2:

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