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Life-Cycle Weight Challenges

During a long-term weight control journey there will be certain periods of time that will present much more challenges than others.  The recent Covid pandemic experience is something none of us have ever experienced.  The stress of worrying about our/our loved ones health, financial concerns, social unrest and many other factors have made this period of time a very difficult one for even thinking about weight control.

Focusing on other periods of time, many women are challenged in their weight control efforts post-partum as well as during the menopause changes.  The hormonal changes, mood issues, metabolic rate decreases and other contributing factors will often thwart efforts to bring the weight down.

We cannot control pandemics, we certainly embrace parenthood and hormonal aging changes for both males and females are simply normal life-cycle issues.  So, is there nothing that can be done about this?  Do we throw in the towel and give up?

Well, the answer is that although the challenges of different life-cycle occurrences may be difficult, weight control success can still occur.  Yes, we may have to work harder at age 55 to keep weight off than we did at age 25 AND we may be more challenged when we are stuck at home quarantined watching Netflix than we are when the major “virus” hitting us is the good old flu.  However, with the correct mix of prudent dietary choices and exercise we can overcome these life-cycle weight challenges.

Speaking of post-partum, a shout out to Arunee K, our incredibly superb Practice Administrator.  Arunee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Alani, on July 1 and the baby, Arunee and family are doing well.  And true to form, Arunee was checking  (and responding to) work e-mails less than 24 hours after delivery.  Even Posner would have taken 24 hours off!   Congrats Arunee!!!

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