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Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

During my consultation with a new potential patient for the SP Program I will be very clear that long-term weight control is not a “diet” but rather a life-style change/behavioral modification effort.  Unlike a “diet” that usually has an end date in mind, I tell people that the behavioral changes must be permanent for the weight control to be permanent.  Essentially, I am telling the person, concerning the previous dietary indiscretions, there is NO “light at the tunnel”.  I do soften this by describing the permanent dietary changes as being a new, much healthier and happier “normal”.

Let’s leave the weight control arena and focus on the Covid-19 pandemic.  All of our behaviors have been changed.  We are at home for many more hours, probably spending more time watching television and surfing the internet, not eating out at restaurants and countless other ways our old “normal” has been replaced with different behavioral patterns.

Here is a major difference between the weight control journey and our current lock-in.  THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.  Taking a step back and looking at the events in other countries where the “peak” preceded ours by several months, we already see life normalizing more and more.  Based on seeing the timelines in these countries and realizing how great our American scientists and business people are, my crystal ball (no better than anyone else’s) predicts that toward the end of May LOTS of things will be changing for the better.  By mid-summer vacations and such will be occurring and in the late summer/early fall, our sports networks will be crammed with live games allowing us to cheer on our favorite teams.

It is VERY difficult to live through this nightmare day after day, fearing health and/or financial cataclysm from the pandemic.  However, we all, as best as possible, should look into that tunnel and see the light that gets closer and closer every day.  (And of course, Posner will be at the end of that tunnel telling you the “diet” is not over and you need to continue high protein/low carb!)

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