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Living In The Moment

Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you
While you’re busy making other plans”

The above is a verse from John Lennon’s song, “Beautiful (Darling) Boy” from the last album Lennon released in 1980.  The song was written as an attestation of his affection for his son, Julian.

The line “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans” is particularly poignant.  Too often, we are all guilty of not “living in the moment”, but rather, we are distracted and focused on other things when we should be immersed in what is happening at the current time.  As an example, how many times do we see other people (and even ourselves) playing on our smart phones when we are out to dinner, spending some leisurely time with family or otherwise engaged in what should be a really fun activity?  Next time you are out at a restaurant, count how many tables you see where all of the people are on their phones and not talking to each other.

Turning to the healthcare arena: “Living in the moment” is important for staying in tune/paying attention to your own health/wellness.  If you are busy playing on your IPhone when you are eating, the mindless consumption of the food in front of you may lead to overeating.  Not paying attention to your “in the moment” feelings of satiety/need to control portions will harm your weight control efforts.  “Living in the moment” will also allow you to pay attention to subtle signals the body may be sending you such as minor chest pains, newly developed shortness of breath, or other symptoms that could be early warnings about impending heart issues.

Please take a step back and analyze your own ability to “live in the moment” and if you honestly assess that you allow distractions to take away from your “living in the moment” awareness/appreciation, take the steps necessary to change your behavior.  This starts with shutting off your smart phone when it is not needed.

Enjoy John Lennon’s “Beautiful (Darling) Boy”.

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