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Love Can Make You Happy

Think about some of your favorite singer/songwriters and how many of their songs you have enjoyed.  Some incredibly talented people/groups had many, many hits that made it to the top 10 of the charts that track these sort of things.  From The Beatles to Elvis to Elton John to Billy Joel to Whitney Houston to Neil Diamond to The Four Tops…these groups/people and many more had the incredible talent to produce multiple hits.

However, there are a number of music groups/individual musicians that are well known for one song that they came out with but then were never able to repeat their success with any more songs.  The term used to describe these singer/songwriters: “One Hit Wonders”.  One such group was a Florida based band that came out with a song called “Love (Can Make you Happy)” in 1969 and this tune made it as high as number 2 on the Billboard charts.

To the weight control arena:  I know I have written about this but I will do so again: The “LOVE” professed for your favorite food/drink sources that derail your weight control efforts is akin to a short term affair.  Your “Love” may make you feel great for a fleeting few moments but then comes the ramifications of making these poor choices:  Health risks, looking older, hurting joints, self-loathing etc.

However, the LOVE you have for the closest people in your lives is a long-lasting love and not a fleeting moment of immediate gratification.  This LOVE can make you HAPPY for years and years.  Remain focused and steadfast on your weight control efforts and enjoy true LOVE.

And here is an oldie for sure…Mercy singing “Love (Can Make You Happy)”

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