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Make Use Of The Late Sunshine

I am writing this entry on the Sunday morning following the 2 AM “one hour forward” time change otherwise known as “Daylight Savings Time”.   DST was first enacted in the U.S. in 1918 during World War 1.  The intent was to save money on lighting costs by having the days be brighter later into the evening.  This was repealed 7 months later but then during World War II President Franklin reenacted Daylight Savings Time calling it “War Time”.   This ended in 1945. Congress then reestablished DST in 1966.  During the 1973 oil embargo Congress voted for a year long DST but it was found this did little to actually save energy and in October, 1974 we went back to the 2-time a year clock changes.  There is more and more talk once again about keeping DST permanent but at this point, we are still doing the “Fall back/Spring forward” thing.

Okay, enough history trivia stuff and onto the topic today:  Making use of that later sunset.

Now, as opposed to the dark/cold winter, the sunset will be well after 7 PM and with each day until June 21, we will see ever-increasing sunlight lasting eventually to 9 PM.  This provides a golden opportunity to do several things that will help your weight control efforts including:

  1. Making more and more use of your patio/deck grill.  This will allow you to cook up bunches of protein that can not only be used that evening for dinner, but also for lunches and/or dinners later in the week.  This will save lots of time in not having to prepare those other meals.
  2. Getting out either before or after dinner to do some added exercise.  Even for those early bird exercise people such as myself, having the later sunshine allows for an extra walk or bike ride that could not be done when it was dark outside.
  3. Have the children experience more “outside time”, allowing them to burn off more calories and have less “screen time” on their devices.


The dark/cold days of winter are receding and now we have months ahead of brighter, warmer days.  Make GOOD use of that late sunshine.

Let’s have Chicago help us wake up that sunshine!

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