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Making A List AND Checking It Twice (Or More)

Okay trivia fans…without checking with Mr. Google (Or Ms. Bing), who wrote the famous song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town?  I bet NO ONE out there knows the answer.  The song was written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie in 1934.  One of the most famous lines from the song is “He’s making a list and checking it twice…”  “He” in this case is referring to Santa.

For those patients that have seen me during their visits, you may have mentioned on more than one occasion of the utility of making “lists”.  These lists may include:

  • Shopping lists for when you head to the supermarket
  • Lists/journaling everything/anything you are eating and drinking
  • Lists of the “potholes” you encounter during your weight control journey
  • Lists of the people that help your weight control efforts and those that will derail those efforts

There are many more “lists” that can be generated that will help organize and guide your weight control efforts.

The point of today’s entry:  Successful weight control requires lots of planning and focus.  Identifying the issues that are preventing success will go a long way in finding solutions.  Weight gain requires no planning, effort or focus.  Making lists will be incredibly helpful and enhancing your chances of success.

One last point:  If you have a weight gain week you are not naughty and when you lose weight you are not any more nice.  We must not spend negative energy beating ourselves up about normal human behaviors.  

So, make those lists…and maybe Santa will bring you a very special present (such as a gift for an SP Program!…shameless self-promotion!)

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