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Making The Exercise Time Go Faster

Let’s all be honest:  When you are running on a treadmill, working out on the elliptical machine/rower or riding a stationary bike/doing a spin class, are you truly having a fun time during the exercise?  Well, if you are like me, the actual exercise time isn’t so great but afterwards, I am very happy I spent the time on that boring elliptical of mine.  The “endorphins” have been raised, got in a great sweat, can allow myself some more liberal eating that day etc.   The “pain” was worth the “gain”.   However, during the exercise I am constantly looking at the clock to see how close I am to finishing.  I know I am not alone in this thought process, as when I walk around Burke Lake Park, the majority of runners I see have pained looks on their faces; not lots of smiles.

Many people avoid exercising because they simply do not enjoy doing it and/or there may exist some orthopedic issues that produce discomfort during the exercise.  Exercise is a very helpful component to a long-term weight control strategy so it clearly would be in the best interest of overweight people to incorporate exercise into their lives.

For those people with orthopedic issues that produce pain with exercises like running, finding the low-impact exercises will bring less pain.  Swimming is the ultimate low-weight bearing exercise.  Additionally,, there is far less pounding on the knees and lower back with elliptical machines than running on a treadmill or outside jogging on pavement.

Utilizing “distractions” is another great method of having the exercise time become more fun.  Listening to music, a podcast or audio books will take your mind off of the physical duress of exercising.  For me?  I have a large television strategically placed in front of my basement elliptical so I can watch all of those movies I refer to in these blogs.  (I do not watch the news as this would stress me out more than the workout.)

The very best way of making exercise time go faster?  Find an exercise “buddy(s)”.  Having a exercise partner(s) will result in the time flying by as you exchange ideas, share stories, talk sports, gossip about others, etc.

The dietary part of the weight control journey is more important than the exercise component but it sure does help to add on that exercise.  Find ways to lessen the “ugh” factor.

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