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 Making Tradeoffs

During our lives, we are often faced with “Tradeoff” decision making scenarios.  Here are a few examples:

  • Taking a lower paying job and as a tradeoff, have more time with the family
  • Moving to a lesser-priced house in the suburbs and as a tradeoff, have a longer commute each day
  • Moving your retirement monies into much lower risk investments and as a tradeoff, sleep better at night knowing that although you will not make as much money, you cannot lose as much

Let’s focus on the weight control journey and look at this as a “tradeoff” scenario as well:

  • Giving up immediately gratifying sugar snacks and as a tradeoff, have much less chance of developing diabetes
  • Foregoing the normal, daily alcohol usage we use to either relax, socialize or sleep better at night and as a tradeoff, we see the weight number come down more aggressively
  • Not hitting the pantry or freezer at night for the weight-gaining snacks and as a tradeoff, the clothes fit much better, the look is younger and more energy is present

Most tradeoffs usually involve giving up something we like in order to get something else we like even better.  As the Weight Watchers people say, there is no food that tastes as great as weight loss feels.  I know it there is nothing “fun” about giving up foods and drinks we have come to enjoy lots, BUT the tradeoff is very much worth it.

And for you 19080’s movie fans out there, here is the trailer for the hilarious Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd move, “Trading Places”

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