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Motivation for Fall

This year will go down as the “Summer That Will Never End”.  With temperatures hanging in the 80’s-90’s the entire month of September, the Northern VA/Maryland/D.C. area has us believing we live in Jacksonville, Florida.  However, the winds of change are blowing in and the forecast for this weekend brings the night time temperatures into the 40’s.  Yes, we finally will feel “Fall-like”.

Staying focused on our weight control efforts often requires motivation.  This could be a specific event such as a wedding, class reunion or other gathering where we want to look great.  Sometimes the motivation could be a season such as wanting to feel good about getting into our swimwear in the summer months.

A major motivating time to focus on weight control is often at the first of the year.  “New Year/New You” slogans abound as every weight control company is trying to get your business.   The companies know that many people become motivated to lose weight after the holiday weight gain season.

Now to the fall:  GREAT time to get motivated to lose/control weight:

  1. This avoids the ‘New Year’s Resolution” shtick
  2. Weight control NOW allows us to look great for those holiday events that are upcoming

The very best time to “start” a weight control effort is yesterday!  Let’s all try to motivate ourselves into wanting to take the steps needed to ensure a higher state of health and happiness.  Do not “Fall” back into old habits but rather, motivate to “Spring” into action (in the Fall).

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