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Mustering Positive Energy

I am writing this entry on the Monday morning after New Year’s weekend.  The holidays are over and although the trees and lights are still on, we do not have the celebrations to look forward to.  What is in front of us: many weeks of darkness, cold, Covid cases are raging, most likely little-no travel plans because of Covid, stressors related to work issues and school changes secondary to Covid, etc etc.  The bottom line: Kind of a depressing time period waiting for us.

The above description of the “environment” will often cause us to feel/experience a sort of negative energy.  Basically, if it was possible to pull the bed cover over our heads and come out of these covers when it is a warm, sunny May day, we would opt for this choice.  Negative energy causes many to want to “hibernate” as opposed to being out and about.

Successful weight control requires positive energy.  We need to feel enthusiastic, focused, engaged and motivated to take those steps necessary for weight control: Planning meals, shopping for the compatible foods, finding exercise time, journaling food intake…these steps and more can be thwarted by not having the positive energy needed to get the ball rolling.

Positive energy often requires external support to help foster the positivity.  Family, friends, and of course, your friendly team at Serotonin-Plus can help light that fire of positive energy and give you the necessary momentum that will fuel your efforts.  Success breeds more success, so the flames of positive energy grow when the pounds start coming off.

If you are feeling in the “negative energy” zone, please come in for a free body scan or go to to read a bunch of my archived motivational blogs that may help light the fire.  Yes, this is a difficult time of year to muster those positive energy forces but this can be done!

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