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My ________ Pound Life

Truth be known, I am NOT a fan of “reality” shows on television.  Sorry for being old school on this topic, but I like(ed) shows that are creative, humorous and entertain in ways other than watching the unfortunate and/or dramatic lives of others.  One of these very popular reality shows that has been on the air since 2012 is “My 600 Pound Life”.  The show follows people that start out weighing at least 600 pounds and then follows them as they seek ways to lower the weight.  Obviously, when these people start out at those incredibly high weights, their lives are miserable in many ways from their mobility problems to their medical issues to their psychiatric turmoil etc.

Clearly, people that allow themselves to reach these very high weights have profound psychiatric/psychological issues that need to be addressed.  The overwhelming majority of people battling weight issues have BMIs between 26-35 and do not have any significant psychiatric components to their situation.

Here is true “reality” for the overwhelming majority of overweight/obese people:  Due to multiple responsibilities, such as working, tending to children, commutes and other things, many people have precious little time to focus on themselves.  Weight control requires lots of personal attention: planning meals, shopping, exercise time etc.  When there is no time to commit to these, weight control will become much more difficult.  Add on to this slowing metabolism with age, chemical-induced cravings and a number of other human nature tendencies and this explains why 70% of our country is overweight/obese. 

Here is a question to ask yourself: What would your life be like if you dropped the weight you desire?  Would you be healthier at “My 200 pound, 175 pound, 150 pound (or fill in the blank) Life”?  Would you happier?  Would you feel more confidence and self-esteem?  Would you have more energy?

Make it happen…shed that weight and become your own, fun and happy reality show.

Enjoy Billy Joel and his song “My Life”.

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