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My Team and I Are Here For You

We are obviously all in heightened states of anxiety, nervousness and fear.  Some of these reactions are based on reality whereas there some of the extreme responses are not.

Whether you are seen in our practice for weight control or primary care medical services, I want to assure you that we here for you.  In the office, we have enacted special cleansing procedures to ensure that we are not exposing patients seen in our office to any higher risk of exposure.

Very importantly, we also have a telemedicine platform that is EASY  to use so whether you need a “weight loss” visit or a medical “sick” visit, we can help you with you being able to be seen in the privacy and sanctity of your own home.  If you need help in downloading Zoom to your laptop, tablet or phone, please call our office at: 703-866-4144 and one of millennials (laughing….they know I tease them) will be very happy to help you.

Additionally, “Dr. Posner” still has his black bag from my freshman year in medical school in 1977 and I am willing to come to anyone’s house to make an old fashioned “house call”.   You get to see this antique old-fashioned medical bag but more importantly, the doctor guy still is on top of his medical game and will bring that expertise to your own home.

So, whether this occur in our office, on your tablet/laptop or in your own home count on me and my team to be here for you, 24/7.  Any doubts?  Test me…call my cell and see if you get your doctor to “pick up”  703-609-0388 (During weekday office hours please try the office first as if I am with a patient, I cannot pick up the call…office number: 703-866-4144.

We will all get through this really fine…and if I didn’t really believe this, I would never write it!

Also, do not forget to join our webinar Wednesday, March 18 at 8 PM eastern:

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