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My Way

Frequently I am asked during a patient’s first visit to our program:  “Can I have______ with the Serotonin-Plus Dietary Plan?”.  Filling in the blank may include:

  • A protein shake in the morning
  • An occasional glass of wine
  • A prepackaged meal for lunch
  • Nuts as a snack
  • Fruit during the first two weeks of the program
  • Protein bars as a snack

This bullet point list can go on and on with foods/drinks/snacks that are not usually recommended in the SP Program.  Here is what I tell my patients:  We are providing you guidelines and not “rules” or “laws” in our handbook.  What we do know is that if people follow our plan as it is laid out, there will be a very significant chance of lots of weight loss.  I cannot predict what will happen if people stray from our program guidelines and start doing it “their way”.

It is important for people struggling with weight control to take a step back and understand that their “my way” is obviously not working for them.  They must change the nature of their dietary approach.  This does not mean that the SP Program (my way) is the only strategy that will work for them.  

We are all different and it is always amazing to me about how individual differences may play a large role in the weight loss journey.  There are some people that cannot shed a pound if they have one alcohol drink a week as opposed to others that can lose weight and still enjoy a glass of wine or beer every night.  There are some people that must eat at least 12 protein exchanges a day to lose weight whereas others may lose weight with no more than 7 protein exchanges eaten a day.  There are some people that can lose lots of weight without one calorie burned off by exercising and others need 3-4 times a week of exercise to produce weight loss even when the dietary plan is being followed.

“My way” (the Serotonin-Plus Program) is not the only “way” people can lose weight.  I do suggest that any “way” being considered as a weight loss plan be based on real food and not meal replacements.  Additionally, the intermittent fasting thing may work well as a short term diet approach but recidivism rates will be very high.  Figure out the “My Way” for you that works and is sustainable.

And enjoy The Chairman of The Board singing “My Way”.

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