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National Donut Day

I do not remember many poems but here is one I can recite without cue cards:

“Twixt OPTOMIST and PESSIMIST, The Difference Is Droll


Okay, enough poetry and to the topic at hand.  DONUTS.  I am writing this entry on the first Friday of June and this day is designated each year as “National Donut Day”.  The reason:  Going back to World War 1, the Salvation Army sent a number of women, termed “Donut Lassies” to France to serve our soldiers donuts.  In 1938, in order to recognize this great volunteer service, the first Friday of June going forward, National Donut Day was established.


Who out there does NOT like donuts? I do not see any hands raised.  The last few years have also seen a dramatic growth in donut franchises with “Dunkin Donuts” appearing almost as frequently as you see Starbucks.  “Duck Donuts” is also a very fast growing donut franchise.

The nutritional content of donuts (varies LOTS depending on what is placed on top of that donut):

One large donut:

Calories: 308

Carbs: 33.4 grams

Fats:  17.7 grams

Protein: 3.77 grams

Total sugars: 12.9 grams

However, if you go to a Duck Donuts and start adding your favorite toppings, the above counts of calories, carbs, sugars and fats will markedly increase.

If someone is on a weight control, journey, obviously, donuts should not be part of the strategy unless you just eat the hole and throw away everything around that hole.

Any Cole Porter fans out there?  In 1938 (the year National Donut Day was started) Artie Shaw’s rendition of Porter’s song “Begin The Beguine” was one of the top songs of that year.  For any of you older music fans out there, enjoy!

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