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Navigating Around Theme Parks

I recently went with my children and grandchild to Busch Gardens In Williamsburg.  Walking through the different “countries” brought back lots of memories as when my children were small, we would go there many times.  Fast forward to 2024 and the gold old doctor was not rushing to get on the lines for the Loch Ness Monster, the Griffen, Alpengeist and the many other thrill rides that used to being me thrills and excitement and now leave me nauseated.  These crazy rides are much better suited to younger people for sure.

Aside from the crazy prices for foods, snacks and drinks ($7.50 for a bottle of soda that costs $1.99 at Seven/11), the most notable feature was the lack of foods that would be considered “compatible” for people trying to shed weight.  Yes, there were some (very overpriced) salads available, bit no protein was present on those salads.  I did find one place in “Italy” that sold individual meatballs $8.50 for a relatively small meatball).

Another feature the park offers: For an “upcharge” on your ticket ( I believe it was $40 dollars extra) you can get an “All Day Dining” card that allows you to go every 90 minutes to one of their food venues and get an entrée, dessert and drink.  I could easily tell those people that bought this package because everyone of their trays had a piece of cake present in addition to the meal.

I am not here to take away the fun of indulging in the amusement park foods and snacks that are inherently part of the fun we experience at these venues.  However, I do recommend for those people on a weight control journey that they try to remain mindful and cognizant of the eating situation at these parks.  Do some investigation online before you go the park to find where the restaurants are that do serve chicken breasts, meatballs and/or other protein choices so you are not left downing pizzas and sandwiches.

And as we walked through “Italy” there was a stage show with one of the performers crooning a song that brought back Dean Martin memories…That’s Amore!

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