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Need Vs. Want Vs. Deserve

Last week, one of our wonderful patients, Ms. P. came in for her appointment and she expressed the concept that she needed to separate what she “wants” vs. what she “needs”.   Further explaining this thought process, she stated that she truly “needs” to lose the weight she has gained during the pandemic.   She is going to prioritize the “need” to lose weight over the “wanting” of the food sources that derail her efforts.

This got me thinking more about the differences between what our bodies truly “need” vs. what the brain “wants” us to have vs. what the brain tells us what we “deserve”.  Concerning what our bodies “need” for optimal health/performance, we can all look up the amount/type of vitamins/minerals, grams of the different food groups, water requirements recommended by respected scientific groups.  Further “needs” will include safe, happy, nurturing and loving environments for optimal psychological performance.

“Want”?  This is an entirely different category.  Specifically focusing on food/drink intake, I would bet that we can list a whole bunch of foods, desserts, alcohol beverages and snacks that we really want.  

“Deserve”?  I am certain most of you reading this have incredibly difficult and challenging days/tasks/jobs/family responsibilities.  Don’t we “deserve” a great meal containing all of the foods we really want to eat and/or down those alcohol containing drinks that relax us?  Don’t we “deserve” more than having to dramatically lower our carb intake and do all of the difficult work needed to lose weight?

We all want and all deserve to be healthy so we can be with our loved ones, feel fulfilled in our professions, travel when the pandemic abates and live a long/healthy life.  This starts with focusing on your need to shed that weight.  The really great wants and deserves will take come your way.

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