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Never Give Up/Never Surrender?

I am not sure how many of you may have seen a movie a number of years ago called “Galaxy Quest”.  The movie sort of spoofed the old Star Trek TV show and the main actor, Tim Allen, did a great spoof-like performance of William Shatner’s role in the old TV show.  One of the mantras that the Captain motivated his crew with was “NEVER GIVE UP/NEVER SURRENDER”.  (See the link below for a snippet and a laugh.)

I would bet that pretty much everyone that has struggled for years with weight control has had the “give up” or “surrender” mind-set develop along the journey.  This especially occurs after a frustrating period of yo-yo dieting when the weight will go down, then goes up and the process gets repeated over and over.  Most notably, the “give-up/surrender” thought process creeps in after a decent effort occurs and is not rewarded with aggressive results on the scale.

When the “give-up/surrender” thought process sets in, basically the affected person is almost doomed to not lose the weight and suffer through the co-morbidities that poor weight control will eventually produce.  So, it is vitally important to NOT let this occur.

One of the very best ways of avoiding the “give up/surrender” pattern is to continue to receive encouragement and support of others.  And yes, for those majority of people reading this that do NOT come in monthly for your FREE body scans, pay particular attention. My team and I are here for you to be a vital part of this support.   Please avail yourself of this support.

Another important aspect of avoiding the “give up” mentality is to NOT allow a whole bunch of weight to go back on. When this occurs, the sheer magnitude of the amount of weight that is needed to be lost discourages people.  Record your weight once a week and make adjustments daily/weekly to your dietary plan based on the numbers you see.  Do not hibernate for months away from the scale.

The last bit of motivation: Look around at the people that mean so much to you and think about how their lives would change if you were not around.  I believe this would be the most powerful motivation to keep the fight and spirit alive to stay steadfast on your efforts to control weight.


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